Alex DeRoo singing and playing  guitar


// vocals, guitar, piano

Music is intrinsic to all of us– it starts with our first heartbeat…

Singer-songwriter Alex DeRoo weaves life stories with poetic lyrics that shape and move the emotions.  


"STRATHCONA music is authentic and genuine."

Producer/Presenter Glen Marshall says,
It’s exciting to be around a group so passionate on taking their natural talents to the next level. They’re young, creative, and put their full focus on making music that entertains. Alex, the group leader has a wealth of original material with beautiful lyrics. The stories are powerfuland poignant."




Hamilton's STRATHCONA have a shared commitment to add a distinctive, new voice to The Hammer
and world’s vibrant music scene.

Adam Rogerson playing guitar

ADAM Rogerson

// lead guitar

When I play guitar, I'm free to feel and express moments that draw the listener into the music…

Mark Korczynski playing guitar

MARK Korczynski

// bass guitar

I'm the glue in a group effort that  protects the balance between personalities and their diverse skills…

Luke Omond playing the drums

LUKE Ormond

// drums

…there’s breathing room to explore…

JON Harley

// violin

I love that the violin can be lead instrument, rhythm or support…

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